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New system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance, cleaning or repair. Allowing students to report issues on campus and also consider the design experience for those who are receiving and taking actions on the issues.


UX/UI Designer

Web Designer








Why there is a need of making the new system?

I simply jotted down points which came into my mind when I thought about why I should make a system to report issues. This helped me to understand the design prompt from different perspectives.

why new system.jpg

Who are the users?

Before jumping to research, I step back and listed out users. College students who want to report any issues on college campus and Facility Manager who handles all these reported issues.

College Students

Facility Manager

Secondary Research


What was the whole process of reporting issues of the 2 different colleges I studied and how was my experience?

I made my journey map of how I report the issue (for example if the classroom fan isn’t working) and how it usually solved on campus. Both of these colleges had no particular process. One common thing I noticed is that whenever I had encountered IT related issues, I usually went to IT department as they usually have staff for that. For other repairing or maintenance related issues were solved by try and error way means there wasn’t any particular way it was done.


 I checked out different Complaint management software (ex. Helpdesk), Customer service software (ex. Freshdesk) and Apps (ex. MyGate) which serves somewhat similar services but for large customer segment. Initially this method didn’t give me much insights as the functionalities of software were same but the user flows were different from each other which actually helped me for my ideation step while I was ideating of user flow of the solution.

Primary Research

I started with listed out all the kinds of information that I would require from target users.

  • The kind of issues students report

  • Process of reporting any issue to following up them on campus by students

  • Students’ expectation after reporting issues

  • Challenges faced by students while following up the reported issues

  • Student’s experience with existing process

  • Difficulties student and facility manager face during the entire process

  • How facility managers keep track of all the issues

  • How facility manager solves problems

  • Other than campus how the process works in different industries? (Like companies, buildings, city management, etc.)

User Research

Frame 9
Frame 10
Frame 7
Frame 6
Frame 8

I created questionnaire based on the information I wanted gather and conducted interviews of 5 students from different colleges. Check out questionnaire from here.



Design Opportunities

User Journey

The highlighted text are the opportunity points found after discussing with target users.

Moonraft (2).jpg

How could I translate these pain points into design opportunities? 

(First 3 pain points are from students' side and last one is from Facility manager


Explore Solution

Crazy 8

To generate new solutions I put the timer for 8 minutes and ideate 8 unique solutions.


According to research and insights, I decided to design a website. The website can be operated from campus or from outside the college too. It doesn’t require additional installation space. The functionalities will be easy to understand and basic.


To inform something in formal/official way

Flow Chart - Student


Flow Chart - Facility Manager





How might we make a solution where all the communication happens through it and can be accessible from campus?

  • For each issue students have to create a Ticket 

  • Student can report issue by creating new ticket and filling the form

  • Student can check his reported issue/ticket with the full details


How might we create the smooth and fast communication process so that the students get up-to-date information about issues?

  • Student can find any ticket and get the detail  reported by him or by others

  • Student can filter the tickets

  • Student can directly check ticket status by clicking on the ticket


How might we keep the communication transparent between students and facility manager?

  • If the facility manager decline the ticket than he has to provide a reason to give a clarity of that issue to students 


How might we make it easier for facility manager to get the all required information about the issue from students?

  • The facility manager either accept or decline the ticket

  • He handles all the issues and regularly update the ticket status to inform the students

Interactive prototype View here

  • Primary research about maintainer 

  • Add more functionality (e.g. text messages) to make to process more smooth

Next Steps

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