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New system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance, cleaning or repair. Allowing students to report issues on campus and also consider the design experience for those who are receiving and taking actions on the issues.




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Who are the users?

Before jumping to research, I step back and listed out users. In the case of students there can be either college students or school students. I decided to go with college students aged 17+. As college students are more mature and have better understanding of things, I chose them. I decided Admin and Watchman of the college as a maintainer to handle the issues. Also considered the fact that he/she just not only solves issues but also does other college work.

College Students


Primary Research

A questionnaire was conducted with students from different colleges to understand the current process of reporting and solving issues, challenges and other related factors on college campus.

  • Do you find issues related to maintenance or repair on campus?

  • Do you complain about these issues on campus?

  • When was the last time you complain and what was that issue?

  • What kind of issues do you report?

  • How do you complain?

  • What is the process?

  • How do you communicate with the maintainer?

  • How often do you find issues on campus?

  • How often do you communicate with maintainer?

  • How maintainer records issues?

  • Do you find any difficulties while communicating?

  • What kind of difficulties do you find?

  • How many days maintainer takes to resolve any issues?

  • Does he resolve in given time? If not what you do then?

  • How do you feel about the entire process from reporting issues to resolving issues?

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  • Solution should be accessible from campus

  • Monitoring process should be transparent

  • Smooth process of reporting and monitoring issues

  • Easy to use and understandable features for maintainer ( like watchman ) who cannot operates digital devices easily

Explore Solution

Crazy 8

To generate new solutions I put the timer for 8 minutes and ideate 8 unique solutions.


Final Solution

According to research and insights, I decided to design a website. The website can be operated from campus or from outside the college too. It doesn’t require additional installation space. The functionalities will be easy to understand and basic.


To inform something in formal/official way

Notify is a website which allows students to report any issues which requires maintenance, repair or cleaning on campus . It also provides facilities to maintainer to handle these issues. First, students have to request for reporting the issue by providing proper information about the issue. Through Notify, maintainer first checks the issue. Later he can either accept or reject it. In case of rejection he has to provide reason for that. According to research, maintainer not only maintains these issues but also does other work. There is a possibility that he might not open the website. In this case, Notify also has functionality of Desktop notification. So, even though maintainer doesn’t open website he will be able to get alert on his laptop.


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For Students

Students will be given unique student Id and password from college itself to login.

Student can check reported issue with the full details of that particular issue including issue statues(Accepted/Rejected).

If student wish to filter/see particular type of issue( e.g. Maintenance) then he can deselect other options.

Desktop - 11.jpg
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Desktop - 13.jpg
  • To report any issue, student needs to first select issue type(e.g. Maintenance)

  • Student can report any issue by filling the form

For Maintainer

Desktop - 14.jpg
  • Maintainer can either accept or reject issue request

  • In case of rejection, he must have to provide the reason

  • In the case of acceptance, if the issue type is repair, maintainer has to give approx time of fixing the issue.(Usually repairing things take time. Sometimes it takes a week or month so for that reason, this feature is included. )

Desktop - 15.jpg
Desktop - 19.jpg

Language functionality allows students and maintainer to change the language for easy communication.

Desktop - 16.jpg

Maintainer will get notification on his machine so that he doesn’t have to check on website every now and then.

  • Primary research about maintainer 

  • Add more functionality (e.g. text messages) to make to process more smooth

Next Steps

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