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Building engaging products and offering end-to-end design solutions with a unique blend of technical expertise and design proficiency.

I have had the privilege of working with

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Projects I’ve worked on

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WeWork India

Worked on 15+ projects for B2B, B2C and other in-house products for web and mobile devices

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Diabetes coach

Designed a diabetes management solution for people with diabetes

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Designed mobile application from scratch for B2C product



Developed a healthcare website from scratch using Webflow

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Sustainable last mile delivery

Worked on a personal project where I used existing research and insights to develop a solution

Individual Contributor

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Host | Podcast

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Writer | Article

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Host | Podcast

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Speaker | Workshop 


Speaker | Workshop 

Mentoring design community


Providing community members with mentoring services such as portfolio reviews, career guidance, practise interviews, and general assistance in resolving their doubts. 

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About me
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