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Krupali Patel

DESIGN X SOCIAL: Global Innovation Challenge 2020

by UMO Design foundation

Finalist over 250+ entries


Due to increasing number of domestic violence cases, Victims are left with almost no means to seek immediate help, support or guidance.



During COVID-19 lock down, We call Home as a safe place but that isn’t same for some people. Unfortunately for many women staying home is not equal to staying safe. They are trapped in their house with abusers and nowhere to go during lockdown. Data shows that there is an increase of domestic violence cases. Sadly number of cases are much higher as sometimes people are not able to reach for help. Either they don’t get proper advice or they have to wait in queue to talk to someone.


There are numerous helpline numbers. People are sharing different numbers. But the question is are they really active? If active are they able to solve issues if one needs an urgent help?

So, Firstly too many numbers make victims confused. There is a lack of information about how this helpline numbers work and where are these shelter home situated. 

Sometimes victims also have to wait in queue as there are too many people calling on same numbers. 

Existing Solution

Helpline numbers (With WhatsApp and call facility) to seek advice

Gap in Existing Solution


User Persona


Proposed solution




Implementation of  SAHAYATA

Android Mobile – 2@2x_pixel_quite_black_
  • Feels like a real person

  • Not judgmental about religion, cast, gender or  age

  • Empathizes with situation

Android Mobile – 3@2x_pixel_quite_black_
  • Importance to Anonymity

  • Information kept Confidential as per client’s choice

Android Mobile – 5@2x_pixel_quite_black_
Android Mobile – 4@2x_pixel_quite_black_
Android Mobile – 6@2x_pixel_quite_black_
  • Easy to interact

  • Instant and immediate response

  • 24x7 Support

  • Customized targeted solution

  • Integrated services

  • Assurity of all safety precautions

  • Access to Community space

  • Customized solutions

Enhancements for greater impact

​Solution can be expanded to reach

  • Senior citizens

  • Children and youth

  • Men and Women at workspaces

  • Refuge, orphanages and camp sites

Target to address

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Mental and Physical health conditions etc.

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