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Krupali Patel


Outdoor navigation system for people to explore clothing stores around them 

Women get confused when they go for shopping especially at Commercial street Bangalore. When you want to buy particular cloth you have to check in all the shops Which takes a lot of time.

So to resolve this problem I designed a mobile application for women which they can use at commercial street,Bangalore to explore clothing shops around them. It focuses on making the shopping experience easy and hassle-free.

For navigation, AR functionality is there so people can easily reach at the specific destination. It helps you to find your way quickly so that the name of this App is QUICKY.

Artboard – 1.jpg

Design Process

Jasee James Garrette's framework

Screenshot 2020-05-07 23.46.53.png

Strategy Plane

Focus Group :

The current focus group are women.

After initial research it was found that most of the women get confused about where to buy when they go for shopping. Often they ended up wasting their time.

User Insights:

"I really get confuse whenever I come here. (commercial street)."

"Once I ended up regretting for not exploring the shops properly after seeing my friend's closet

User Needs:

-Different section for clothing

-Branded and local store

-New and trendy clothes


-Quality of materials

Journey mapping

Mind Map.jpg

Scope Plane

Functional Specification 


Structure Plane

Task flow


Skeleton Plane

Paper Prototype


Interactive Prototype

While making interactive prototype I realized that it is easy to scan location in Horizontal orientation as it covers more shops of the streets. So I changed orientation and made new wireframes

User Testing

Location: Commercial street, Bangalore

Three types of people have been found


Surface Plane

Interactive prototype

Sign Up/Login Screen

AR will scan the texts which are visible to it and check with database. 


If database record and current location matches it gives list of shops.

By clicking on MORE user can see more information about that particular shop and user will get navigation to reach to the navigation through DIRECTION feature

Filter feature to filtering out shops

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