A new system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance, cleaning or repair. Allowing students to report issues on campus and also consider the design experience for those who are receiving and taking actions on the issues.

Design Goal


The background

I had personally experienced this problem in campus and in my previous workplaces as I wasn’t able to report any issues due to lack of information, proper system and resources. This led me to try a solution where I decided to work on Research through Design process.

Why Research through Design (RtD) ?

According to my assumptions and experiences on campus I had little several ideas on what kind of issues students can face and what kind of features can be implemented in an app. As I already had ideas, I thought to conduct research through design artefact.

The aim of the project is not to create fully functional product but to take design as a prob







NOTIFY is a mobile application where physical complaint box is converted into an app to smoothen the process and experience between students and admin while reporting any issue.

User Flow





2 Student interviews

 2 IT Professional interviews


After interviews, Below are the opportunities I found out.

  • Website works better than App because

    • App takes space in mobile and people only spare memory space if there is any concrete reason

  • With repairing issues there is also a need of adding features for those requirements which need permission for certain time period 

    • Especially in labs, auditorium people borrow stuffs every now and then. It’s tiring to always go to admin desk for permission

  • Reminder can be added as most of the times admin take our issues but do not resolve it.

  • Easy to use and understandable features for people like watchman who cannot operates digital devices easily

next steps

  • Take interviews of secretaries/admin to get insights from their perspective.

  •  To make user friendly website for reporting not only issues but also for those things which required permissions from officials​

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